How do I start a BV in the Netherlands?

In the following we will show you step-by-step how to start a BV.

Step 1: Requirements

First, you have to select:

Step 2: Contact a lawyer

Please contact us if you wish to incorporate a BV. You can e-mail ( or you can call (+31 20 301 55 55) us. If desired, we can schedule a meeting at our office in Amsterdam to discuss the possibilities, but it is not necessary to come to the Netherlands to incorporate a Dutch BV. A BV can also be incorporated from abroad.

Step 3: Information and documentation required for the incorporation process

We will provide you with a list of information and documentation required to start the incorporation process.

If the incorporators and future directors are individuals, the legalization can be done at our office in Amsterdam. If the incorporators and/or future directors are not able to come to our office, it is possible to get the documents legalized by a notary in the country where the incorporators and/or future directors live.

Step 4: Incorporation and registration

The BV needs to be incorporated and registered with the Business Register of the Chamber of Commerce. After we have processed the required information we will provide you with the draft articles of association of the BV and the forms and documents which will need to be provided by you for completion of the incorporation.

Step 5: Completion

Upon receipt of your approval of the articles of association and the signed documents and forms referred to above, the BV will be incorporated. The notary will register the BV with the Chamber of Commerce. This registration finalizes the incorporation procedure. You are now the proud owner of a BV.

Step 6: Running your business

But before you start running your business, it is important to think about the following:


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