Charity Law in the Netherlands

Reinier W.L. Russell, LL.M. contributed the revised chapter on the legal framework of charity law in the Netherlands to the practical handbook Charity Law. A Global Guide from Practical Law, published by Thomson …

Franchise, Distribution and Agency in Europe

There are several options to expand your business in the Netherlands or Europe. For example, you can incorporate a Dutch legal entity. Another way to enter the Dutch market is to appoint a local European distributor, agent or franchisee. They have the knowledge of the local market and customs that could jump-start your business. It will allow manufacturers to do what they are good at: producing products and upholding the good reputation of the brand. Especially, if you want to do business abroad, the local knowledge of agents, distributors and franchisees can be beneficial.

Living and Working in Europe

Once established in the European Union (EU) as a foreign entrepreneur, does the EU single market, with its free movement of labor, work for you, too? Of course, EU citizens are free to live and work in any EU Member State. However, non-EU citizens often require a residence and work permit to be allowed to work in the EU legally. Most residence permits are valid in one EU Member State only. In this article, I will discuss the permits required by entrepreneurs and their employees to stay and work in the EU.

Abrindo uma empresa na Holanda

Como faço para abrir uma empresa na Holanda? Em sua contribuição para a primeira edição da revista Bradutch Magazine, da BRADUTCH, a Câmara de Comércio Brasileira na Holanda, o Sr. …

Forming a company in the Netherlands

How do I start a business in the Netherlands? In his contribution to the first edition of Bradutch Magazine by BRADUTCH, the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, Reinier …

Statutory director or nominal director?

Job titles, such as managing director, CEO, director, and authorised director, are common. From a legal point of view there are just two different jobs. So what are the differences …

Dealing with the Dutch

Dealing with the Dutch is a practical and concise introduction to Dutch business law for anyone who deals with the Dutch and Dutch law.