Charity Law in the Netherlands

Reinier W.L. Russell, LL.M. contributed the revised chapter on the legal framework of charity law in the Netherlands to the practical handbook Charity Law. A Global Guide from Practical Law, published by Thomson Reuters. This handbook “provides a high level practical overview of the global charity law sector, covering 20 key jurisdictions. It is an ideal starting point for charities and their advisers in navigating cross-jurisdictional charity law and practice.

Written by leading lawyers, the guide provides a structured overview of the key practical issues in each jurisdiction, including the legal framework, principal sources of law, forms of organisation used for charitable purposes and the formalities to set these up, main regulatory authorities, management, accounting/financial reporting requirements, tax and how overseas bodies can operate and fundraise.”

The book could be consulted at Thomson Reuter’s website and was updated regularly. You can read the most recent version of the chapter on charity law on