What are the costs of incorporation?

The notary costs for a standard BV with one shareholder/director are EUR 700 and with two/three shareholders EUR 950 (excluding 6% office costs, 21% VAT and registration costs at the Chamber of Commerce). This includes:

  1. Preparation of the draft articles of association
  2. Preparation of the power of attorney for incorporation (to be legalized with authorization certificate)
  3. Execution of the deed of incorporation, by a Dutch civil law notary
  4. Registration of the BV and its managing director(s) with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce;
  5. Preparation of a register of shareholders of the BV
  6. Production of true copies of the deed of incorporation.

The abovementioned costs are excluding translations, telephones, e-mails etc. Kindly note, that the costs are higher in case there are special requirements or some documentation is not available instantly. An unofficial English translation of the deed of incorporation can be prepared for an additional EUR 150. On top of the abovementioned costs will be the costs for the time that we spend on orchestrating the setting up of the BV (conferences, telephones, e-mails, preparing documents etc.), see below under “Our services”.

Our services

Our services will be charged at an hourly rate of Partner: EUR 325,- and Lawyer: EUR 265,- excluding 6% office costs (such as postage, telephone, fax and copy expenses) and 21% VAT. Kindly note that our General Terms and Conditions apply to all our services (see: https://www.russell.nl/vrijepagina/general-terms-and-conditions).

From our experience the costs of incorporating a BV are EUR 2,500 – 5,000.

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