How can a BV be represented?

A legal entity may only participate in economic or social life if represented by natural persons. Who is authorized to represent the BV?

What are the differences between a BV and a NV?

So you want to start a business in the Netherlands! Do you already know whether to set up a BV or a NV? What are the differences?

Is a BV obliged to establish a Works Council?

If a BV is obligated to establish a Works Council, depends on the number of employees that work within the company based on an employment agreement.

What do the articles of associations contain?

The articles of association contain the regulations regarding the organization of the company. What specific provisions do the articles of association contain?

What does the deed of incorporation contain?

A BV is incorporated by the execution of the deed of incorporation by the civil notary. What does it contain?

What do the financial statements include?

Every year your company has to disclose its financial statements. Which information do the financial statements have to contain?

What does an annual report include?

If a company is obligated to draw up an annual report, depends on the size of the company. What is the content of the annual report?

What are consolidated financial statements?

The parent company can decide to include the financial statements of its subsidiaries in its own financial statements. Why would the parent company do this?

What are the requirements for the financial statements?

The requirements for the financial statements depend on the size of the company.

Who has the responsibility to draw up, check and approve the financial statements?

Who has to draw up the financial statements? Who has to check them? Whose approval is needed before publishing?